Master of professional Accounting - Charles Sturt University | Australia

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Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration -AIS St Helens | New Zealand

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BSc (Honours) Degree in International Hotel & Tourism Management HTMI | Switzerland

“After my A/L levels, I wanted to study Hospitality management in Switzerland. Since I was running out of time to start my degree, I contacted lots of agencies, but wasn’t able to get the necessary information. I got to know about PATHE Academy through a friend of my father. On the first day itself when I stepped in to their officeI saw a great standard among the staff. They always kept a good relationship with me as well as the university and provided me with all the information which was necessary for the payment and the visa. PATHE Academy helped me in giving out the right documents to the visa office, and thanks to the team, within three weeks I got my visa. Currently, I am doing my internship in a three star hotel. Finally, I wish all the best for PATHEStudy Abroad, and I think it is the best overseas student placement agency in Sri Lanka.”


Master of Business Administration - Central Queensland University | Australia

“Now I’m in Brisbane, and my life has totally changed. My dream was to successfully pursue a Master’s degree programme in Australia, and I was in a great dilemma not knowing how to achieve my aspiration. PATHE Study Abroad showed me the way to execute the study abroad plan. They were really supportive and I got professional guidance throughout my stay in Sri Lanka. I had a great time with the Study Abroad team. Therefore, I have to say that PATHE is the best overseas educational consultancy company, as they guided me in a friendly manner. Without your guidance, I would have not succeeded on getting the visa. Finally, I wish you all the best for the future, and without any doubt I affirm that PATHE is the best consultancy service in Sri Lanka.”


Former Banker Sri Lanka - Bachelor of Accounting Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec) | New Zealand

“I'm an Accounting student from Waikato Institute of Technology (WINTEC) – Hamilton, and I thank PATHE Study Abroad for showing me the correct path to get to where I am, today. Previously, my visa application was handled by another agent and with them I failed to obtain the visa.As my visa got rejected and in year 2013, with in a very short period of time I applied through PATHE Study Abroad and I not only obtained my visa, but they managed to obtain an open work permit for my husband too. Therefore, I would like to thank PATHE Study Abroad again and again for helping me to be where I am, today”


Diploma in Business Management - National Institute of Technology | New Zealand

“I write to share my testimony about PATHE Study Abroad, who assisted me to travel to New Zealand for my studies by providing excellent advisory/consulting services that guaranteed a near-perfect application. PATHE Study Abroad was introduced to me by one of my office friends in beginning of 2012. I decided to come to their office after communicating via emails. The information contained in the website was highly informative of the expertness in the field of providing professional services to intending customers. Their prompt response to customer emails as well as polite and confident responses are worthy of recognition. I must also say that I was highly impressed by the professional customer service rendered. You are confidently poised at assuring of a 99.99% success rate on all their services and that if and only if you would do what they ask you to do (providing the right documents, in the right time and in the right manner) without counteracting their advices or proving to be better-informed, you are on the right path to a successful application. Having experienced their services, I would “strongly” advice Sri Lankans and people anywhere in the country to consider PATHE Study Abroad as their first choice for educational and visa applications. They are very good in this field, they are confident of what they do and their visa success rate is unmatched by that of any other consulting/advisory company. Try them out and you are sure to share your testimony!”


Diploma in Business Management - ICL Business School | New Zealand

“PATHE STUDY ABROAD is the place where one can trust upon and fulfill the dream of overseas studies. They showed me the right direction and made process easier. I liked the services provided by them. You guys are really doing a very good job”


Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) - Federation University | Australia

“I am a undergraduate student of federation university studying at ATMC campus, Australia. My dream came true, through PATHE Study Abroad. The entire team did a massive job for me in order to fasten the process. There turnaround time is very short in all activities. PATHE staff has been there for me from the beginning on choosing a university until obtaining the visa. I will definitely recommend PATHE Study Abroad to my friends and any students who are willing to go abroad. Thanks a lot for your unconditional care and best regard to all!”


Master of Professional Accounting - Charles Sturt University | Australia

“I am a MSc. in Accounting student at Charles Sturt University, Australia. Studying in Australia has brought up a new experience for me with an excitingly different academic model. The people at the university were very supportive and sooner I felt I am a part of their community. Therefore, I take this moment to thank PATHE Study Abroad in helping me to obtain this valuable opportunity”


Diploma of professional cookery - North Shore International Academy | New Zealand

“It has been one of my greatest desires to have my higher studies in New Zealand. In that case I have been really lucky to hear about PATHE Study Abroad. PATHE Study Abroad guided me regarding every required information and also with solid documentation which helped me to get my visa quickly as possible without any trouble. Currently, I am studying professional Cookery programme in one of the best and highly reputed institutes in Auckland, known as North Shore International Academy, and also I work part time in a famous restaurant. Both, my studies and work, have given me a wonderful opportunity to make friends almost from every part of the world. I am really enjoying my life here in New Zealand. I would like to make this an opportunity to appreciate the incalculable effort taken by PATHE Study Abroad to make my dreams come true, and would also like to recommend PATHE Study Abroad and its team for any required guidance for any student who is dreaming of studying abroad. Thank you very much PATHE Study Abroad and its team for everything you have done in favor of me. ”